For Protecting DATA CENTER and CRITICAL IT Environments


The scientific understanding of tectonic plates, and their tendency to move over time, means that many areas of our planet are repeatedly subjected to sizeable seismic risk. The alarming consistency of moderate to large earthquakes in recent years demonstrates the risk of significant damage to critical infrastructure. This damage can occur at any time. Besides the tectonic plate movement, we now have the potential for a seismic-like threat from both hydraulic fracking and terrorism. The negative impacts of a seismic event to a business include; risk to employee safety, damage to expensive equipment and infrastructure, unplanned remediation work, loss of market share, and financial risk to your bottom line.


WorkSafe Technologies seismic isolation products have been designed to provide asset protection from seismic activity, by mitigating the potential for injury and providing operational continuity. We can help protect the livelihood of your business. Our patented technologies provide protection to people, product, operations, and profit, both during and after seismic events. Maintain your market position and protect your bottom line by ensuring your infrastructure is protected, and your employees are safe. Contact us for a quote today.
  • - Major US Entertainment Company
    “We’ve found ISO-Base to be everything it was represented to be… a simple easy to install product that lets us sleep at night knowing an earthquake won’t put us out of business”
    - Major US Entertainment Company