ISO-Dynamic Flooring


The only Seismic-Rated Access Flooring designed to STAND ON ITS OWN!

High Lateral Stability 

Heavy-duty substructure means tiles and sections of the floor can be removed without risk of floor shifting and collapse.

Heavy Load Capacity
Modular steel tubing substructure can be designed to meet weight loads of up to 2,500 lbs. psf

Greater Underfloor Access
4’x4’ grid means fewer upright pedestals, and heavy duty design requires no additional seismic bracing frames.

Design Flexibility
Since the structure is designed to “stand alone” without a need to brace against structural walls, changes to the floor layout can be done easily and without the costly disruption of a shutdown.

Simple and Fast Installation
The modular welded components are easily connected by bolting, making installation simple. The modular design and its ability to stand alone and allows for a phased buildout of a room versus having to complete an entire facility.

Seismic Rated Substructure
The non-isolated sections of the substructure can be configured to exceed seismic zone 4 requirements, allowing placement of heavy items such as CRAC and HVAC units directly onto the floor without the need for seismic support stands.

Isolated Protection of Critical Equipment The isolated sections of the floor are designed to protect servers and other critical equipment from seismic activity.

NextGen Ball-N-Cone™ Isolators
The patented isolators used in the isolated sections of the flooring system exceed NEBS GR-63 Core requirements, and dramatically reduce vibration transfer into the sensitive equipment from seismic, blast, or building induced vibrations.

Multiple Floor Heights
Existing seismic-rated modular design is available in heights up to 48” Custom sizes and additional heights are available.

Low-Rise Version
In rooms with low ceilings, 6” to 9” a reduced height version is available. This is ideal for creating a safe and level floor for equipment placement which allows cabling to be placed underfloor as well.

Floor Tile Compatibility
System design allows use of all Tate or ASM brand floor tiles in 24” x 24” or 600mm x 600mm sizes. Custom equipment frames and cover plates are also available for special requirements such as 36” wide.