Our company

3A Group Engineering and Trade Co., Ltd.. Sti. was established in 1998 and is the International Master Distributor of the company Worksafe Technologies. We achieved in many projects in our country and in Europe with its Seismic Protection for System Rooms.

The projects and assembling will be made from teams who got a special training from Worksafe Technologies in US.

From the beginning 1998 on up to date/the present time there was neither a problem nor an accident in completing a Project and/or in assembling. The projects are continuing and will be carried out in a successfully way.

We received many letter of thanks and expressions of outstanding achievements from many of the companies whom was made the implemantations.

On 2011 we have been awarded by our producing company/manufactorer Worksafe Technologies for our domestic and international projects.

Premium awards

2011 yılı itibari ile yurtiçi ve yurtdışında yapılan projeler baz alınarak, üretici firmamız Worksafe Technologies tarafından firmamız ödüllendirilmiştir.