Base Isolation 101

The fundamental principle of base isolation is renowned throughout the world as the preferred method for safeguarding buildings and bridges from the damaging effects of earthquakes.

Seismic base isolation works by decoupling away strong ground shaking and vibrations at the sub-structure (or ground level), thus protecting the superstructure placed above it. The decoupling action of a well-designed isolator can dramatically reduce or virtually eliminate the pathway through which damaging vibrations and shock waves travel.

WorkSafe Technologies™ was the first to apply this know-how to the protection of business critical infrastructure, IT equipment, and nonstructural components with the introduction of its patented Ball-N-Cone™ rolling isolation technology nearly twenty years ago.

Rolling isolation systems such as Ball-N-Cone™ are far superior to other isolators when used on non-structural components and equipment due to their scalability and overall simplicity of their design. Isolators used on buildings and bridges are much more complex and require exacting precision, unlike rolling isolation systems, making them less practical and far more expensive, for use on infrastructure equipment.